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About Common Wealth Enterprises

Expect Uncommon Results

A lot of consultants make promises about their ability to get your business results. And they may, in one or two specific domains.

But, with our 24 step business acceleration process, we're geared to looking at your business in it's totality. From customer acquisition to cost-containment, we design systems that will help you generate more revenue, while decreasing operating costs.

What kind of business doesn't want more money and higher margins?

An Uncommon Approach

We excel not only because or our 24 step business acceleration process, but also because of our commitment to social, economic, and community value-creation. Because when all stakeholders win, the business win.

We do this by building, collaborating with, and supporting the growth of enterprises through the integration of community values, creative action, and entrepreneurial approaches. Because we believe in doing good, while doing well.

Uncommon Focus

Common Wealth Enterprises focuses on three core activities:

  • Organizational design, development, and creation
  • Entrepreneurial - and intrapreneurial - education, advocacy, and outreach
  • Early-stage investment and portfolio management

What do organizations like these have in common? The need to achieve uncommon results, quickly.

So, if you're ready to grow your business, your profits, and your impact, contact us now to see how we might be able to help you.

Our Services

Using our proprietary 24 step business acceleration process, Common Wealth Enterprises assists its portfolio companies and clients in organizational design, operational strategy, and project management.

Let us help:

Grow Margins
Has revenue stagnated? Have costs grown? Our expertise in organizational design can unlock hidden sources of revenue and design systems to dramatically reduce costs.
New Strategies for Success
Operational strategy is about finding new ways to unlock hidden value - whether it's in your current market, a new market, or internally. We'll put together a plan to help you meet your business goals
Project Management & Capacity Building
Have you ever forgone an important strategic initiative because you don't have the in-house expertise to execute? We'll take care of that for you.

Driving sustainable change is not possible without first bridging the gap between vision and execution. We'll work closely with you to eliminate this gap and maximize impact.

Core Values

Economic Liberty

Economies don't work if people don't participate. Everyone should have the freedom to participate in economic exchange in the manner that best suits their abilities and interests. This guarantees more motivated producers and better products. We believe in eliminating artificial restrictions that prevent potential producers from entering the market, and in helping people fulfill their optimum economic potential by showing them how they can make use of their talents and resources. By adding those talents and resources to the market, we enrich both the market itself and our communities as a whole. It's all part of building a better future.

Creative Action

Everyone talks about innovation and we all know we need it. We happen to believe you should live it, too. We look for people who have dynamic and original ideas for business and show them how to turn those ideas into profitable, sustainable business solutions that work for them. And all the while, we ensure that those ideas are developed in ways that benefit not only the originators, but their communities as a whole. We live in an age of untold innovation - and sometimes it seems like all the blank spaces on the map have been filled in. That's why we go out to the edge and find the dragons.


It's not enough to just exist anymore. It never really was. Just as economic liberty expresses every individual's right to participate in valuable economic and social endeavors, stewardship expresses the concomitant responsibility to do so. Humanity as a whole possesses a singular power over the fate of all life on planet earth - most of all our own. Not only do we possess a moral responsibility to ensure that earth enjoys a bright and productive future, but it is also in our best interest to do so. By helping to ensure the creation of businesses that are not only profitable, but also economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable, we express our commitment to building a better, brighter world for the generations who come after us.


Creative action and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Where creative action is all about having ideas and the will to put them into practice, entrepreneurship is the business acumen and leadership necessary to make those ideas into successfully marketable products. We know what entrepreneurship is all about, because we're entrepreneurs ourselves - and one of the reasons we got into this business in the first place is so that we can help other people foster their own pioneering spirit. We provide tools and talent to help our fellow entrepreneurs make the most of the innovation they already possess.


The meaning of humanity transcends mere biology. We know that every person possesses the spirit of creation, the spark that drives all of us to be more than we are. People aren't just commodities - they have intrinsic value, and they deserve to be allowed to express their abilities in whatever form that value takes, and in whatever way best suits their talents and motivations. The more we help people express their skills, the more they can help us, and the more value they add to any endeavor they participate in. Fostering this spirit of shared, creative humanity, we enrich not only ourselves, but everyone. Every person is like a candle - and when we strike enough sparks, we can light the world.

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